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Could this finally be an updated G.I. Joe Dragonfly Helicopter and Wild Bill?

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An image of what appears to be an updated Apache G.I. Joe Dragonfly helicopter and also what looks like the Resolute Wild Bill that has popped up lately, has surfaced! Are these part of the G.I. Joe Resolute line or will they appear under the Rise of Cobra toy line. Also rumor is, that this might be called the Dragonhawk.

Thanks for Terror Drome member samsallspark for passing along the info.


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Jason, also known by some as "WildWeasel" in the Joe Community, is a long time G.I. Joe fan (since 1982, yep, I'm that old!). He's just your average Joe fan sharing in his interest. You can follow him on Twitter at @terrordrome for all the latest G.I. Joe updates, along with just geek and toy talk.


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