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So you think you are paying to much for Joes? Think again.

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retail-reconNot sure if it is the time of the year, or the fact we are still feeling the effects of the recession we are in (yes, regardless of what the number crunchers and Gov’t says, we are still in one) or if it is frustration of not finding the latest and greatest production on the pegs. But we seem to his this point at least once a year. The point when retail raises their prices and collectors take notice and get all fired up about it.

Threads have popped up on different sites with their members sharing their frustration with the latest price hike on G.I. Joe, Star Wars, Marvel Universe and more. We have one here too. But as I pointed out in that thread, this has happened last year with Rise of Cobra and the year before that with the “25th Anniversary” line. And in some instances, I think it really is a regional thing done on a store-by-store basis.

But it seems most don’t care if it has happened before, they don’t like it.

Well what if I told you we are actually not paying enough? $#%@%&!!, you say. I know, I’m crazy.

Read this article, “Reality Check: Action Figures Should Cost More“, written by Joe Community member, Drome member, fellow collector and someone whom I have come to enjoy engaging in conversation with quite a bit, Compulsive Collector. See a few of us had a discussion on Twitter the other day about G.I. Joe, what is good for the brand, what isn’t and pricing. He has since then written a very insightful article that really helps put some things into perspective I think.

I know, I know. We don’t have to like it, but understanding the facts does help. So go check it out, read it over, maybe leave a comment about it there. Then come back here and let us know what you think. Are we paying too much still? Or are we not paying enough? Oh, and to ease your pain a bit, Toys R Us is having a “2 for $10.99” sale, now through Saturday, February 5th.

Sound off.


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Jason, also known by some as "WildWeasel" in the Joe Community, is a long time G.I. Joe fan (since 1982, yep, I'm that old!). He's just your average Joe fan sharing in his interest. You can follow him on Twitter at @terrordrome for all the latest G.I. Joe updates, along with just geek and toy talk.


    do you realize that the reason we are paying more for things(toys) is because of inflation? inflation is caused by a devalued currency (such as the US Dollar).The Fed prints money out of thin air,backed by nothing! which in turn creates inflated dollars which costs more to buy goods.The dollar is only worth 2 cents (if that).This is the real truth of it all.


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