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“Discount Joes” Found On Sale In The Philippines!

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gijoe-2011-30th-anniversary-logoGreat news for those that are interested (which I think is just about everyone) in the “discount Joes,” HissTank member Snakefox has purchased a case! Wait, before you run out to all the dollar stores in your area, he lives in the Philippines. I know, I know, but this is actually one step closer for the rest of us.

News first broke last week of these “discount Joes” and since then, fans have been very excited to get their hands on them. The “Dollar Store” G.I. Joe consist of 6 figures, which are: Duke, Cobra Commander (black uniform), Cobra Trooper (black uniform), Snake Eyes (V4 homage), Storm Shadow (Ninja Force homage) and Shipwreck (Devil’s Due comic homage).

Notably in the past, when something was found in the Philippines, it arrived elsewhere a few weeks later. So, if these are still intended for sale in the U.S., then we should start seeing them by Mid-May I would suspect. The price per figure was 347 Philippines Pesos, which comes out to about $8.15 U.S., but this still doesn’t mean that they will be that price here. It is still a wait-and-see situation, but certainly some good news nonetheless!

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