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NYCC 2012: IDW Relaunches ‘G.I. Joe’ with New Creative Team. Plus New ‘G.I. Joe: Special Missions’ Series!

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idw-publishing-logo-newI’m sure many of you know by now that the New York Comic Con is going on this weekend. There wasn’t much in the way of G.I. Joe news, at least from Hasbro, other than the announcement and unveiling of Kre-O G.I. Joe. Now that was until today.

Today, IDW Publishing held a panel discussion where they talked about all their current titles, including G.I. Joe. And the big news is, some major changes coming to all the titles. Looks like the current Target: Snake Eyes storyline that just started will lead to the end of the current G.I. Joe book. Then in February 2013 we will be getting a relaunch with new creative teams. The main G.I. Joe title will be relaunched with writer Fred van Lente and artist Steve Kurth. And from what I’m understanding, Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow will be replaced with G.I. Joe: Special Missions by writer Chuck Dixon and art by Paul Gulacy. Then it looks like COBRA will be relaunched as The Cobra Files with the current COBRA creative team of Mike Costa and Antonio Fuso continuing on the reigns. Now these are not reboots, but relaunches for the books. These books will be released in February, March and April respectively. (Source: Comics Beat)

Starting in February, GI Joe will be relaunched, with:
– GI Joe by Fred van Lenten and Steve Kirghiz
– Secret Missions by Chuck Dixon and Paul Gulacy (March)
– The Cobra Files by Mike Costa and Antonio Fuso (April)

Fred van Lente said his book would focus on a core team, including Duke, Cover Girl, Roadblock, Shipwreck, and Tunnel Rat, and that the Joe-Cobra war would be “very public” and “pretty hardcore.” Van Lente and Comic Book History of Comics collaborator Ryan Dunlavey will be doing GI Joe History variant covers.

IDW Senior Editor John Barber also shared the details via Twitter:

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