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“Flag Points” Podcast Episode #20 is Now Available — Featuring Kirk Bozigian!

Posted by on Monday, March 19th, 2012

flag-points-podcast-logoFor those that need a little something to get through their mornings, or for their commute home, is another great episode of the great Flag Points podcast! In episode #20 the guys Dave, Don & Rob are joined by special guest, Kirk Bozigian! For those that may not be familiar with Kirk, he was the G.I. Joe Product Manager and the VP of Boy’s Toys Marketing back in the ’80s, and ’90s. Bozigian‘s likeness was also used for creating the portrait of “Law”, of the ’87 Law & Order figure. He is a man with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to our beloved G.I. Joe brand, and he shares quite a bit of it with the Flag Points crew. So head on over to their PodBean page, or search in iTunes for “Flag Points” to get the latest episode, or even one of their previous ones too! And be sure to share your comments with the guys doing all of this hard work.

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New ‘G.I. JOE: INITIATE’ Promo, Featuring Firefly!

Posted by on Saturday, March 17th, 2012

community-showcaseAs a supporter of this project since day one, I get very excited each time the guys behind G.I. JOE: INITIATE post a new promo image or have some kind of update. And this time is no exception. The latest promo to be posted is of the deadly Cobra saboteur, Firefly! The role of Firefly will be played by John Snead, who joins the every growing cast of actors playing Joes and Cobras. If you have a Facebook account, be sure to “Like” the G.I. JOE: INITIATE page. And stay tuned as we bring you all the latest news on this exciting fan film project!

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New ‘G.I. JOE: INITIATE’ Promo Video Teaser!

Posted by on Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

community-showcaseHot off of their Kickstarter fundraising success (they raised 142% of their initial backing amount), the guys have released a new promo teaser for G.I. JOE: INITIATE. But this time around, it is a video. The video is meant to give if a feel for what they are going for with this project. You can check it out below.

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Southern California G.I. Joe Show — Saturday, March 17th

Posted by on Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

community-showcaseJust bringing this to the attention of those that live in the area, or not too far. This coming Saturday, March 17th, the Burbank G.I. Joe Show returns. Featuring dealers selling G.I. Joe vintage and new, 12″ and 3 3/4″, along with other military lines such as Dragon, BBi, Sideshow Collectibles, 21st Century and more! So if you are looking for something to do this weekend, and you maybe want to pick up some Joes, then head on over. You can read the details below.

After a 7 year break, the long running legendary Burbank G.I.Joe show
will once again take place.

G.I.Joes new and old, 12″ and 3 3/4″, Dragon, BBi, Sideshow, 21st
Century and more.

If you have items to sell, tables are available for $40 each.

Held at:
Ramada Inn
2900 San Fernando Blvd
Burbank, CA

Show times are from 9am – 4pm. (get there early)
Admission is $5. Parking is free!

For event or dealer information email:

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UnderScoopFire Podcast #26 — A Roundtable Discussion of G.I. Joe Fans

Posted by on Monday, March 12th, 2012

community-showcaseA short while back I was asked by Howie Decker of the UnderScoopFire website and podcast if I would be interested in joining in on a G.I. Joe roundtable discussion with some fellow Joe fans. Without any hesitation I said yes. Then some time passed, schedules filled up, Howie eventually approached us again to see if we were still interested. All of us still were, so it was fast-tracked to get everyone together to record the podcast.

So on, Sunday, March 12th, we all sat down in our respective studios and recorded the UnderScoopFire Podcast, episode #26. Led by Howie Decker, and joined by myself, Justin of, Dave from the Flag Points podcast and UnderScoopFire’s very own Joe Zicari, we spent almost 2 hours discussing G.I. Joe. So you now have something for your morning commute to work, or something to pass by your morning at work. Check out UnderScoopFire Podcast #26 here

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Paint the Town (Cobra) Red in NYC — A G.I. Joe Fan Meet-Up!

Posted by on Sunday, March 11th, 2012

community-showcaseI’m posting this to help Joe fans connect with other Joe fans. Joe Community member, and recent addition to the Drome, Violentfix has posted that he is trying to get a Joe fan meet-up together in the New York City area for April. Some of you may be familiar with Violentfix and his incredible work. He has done some amazing dio stories that you can check out here. He is also an Admin over at the Tri-State Vipers Collectors Forum too.

So, all he is looking for is some interest from you guys for a get together to talk G.I. Joe, and other things of interest. Are you in the NYC area? Is it a reasonable drive for you? Well then you should make plans to attend, it is a blast to hang out with like-minded people, and share in your interests. Mark your calendars for April 21st, 2012. If you are interested, then either post here, or get in touch with Violentfix and let him know. The details are as follows:

  • The Place: Foley’s (located at 18 West 33rd Street)
  • The Day: April 21st
  • The Time: 5:00 PM (Starting at 5PM and going till we can’t go any further)

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‘G.I. JOE: INITIATE’ Update — Introducing Major Bludd!

Posted by on Monday, March 5th, 2012

community-showcaseIt has been a little while since the last one, but we finally have another update for you guys from the G.I. JOE: INITIATE web series project. A new cast/character promo for you to check out and this one is of Michael P. Gardner, who will fulfilling the role of one nasty, mean looking Major Bludd! And he certainly looks like someone you don’t want to cross. Also if you are possibly interested in donating/contributing to help make this web series a reality, then check out their Kickstarter page. They have reached their goal, but every little bit of extra funding certainly helps out in the long run.

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A Retrospective Look at JoeCustoms’ Cobra Commander Custom Contest

Posted by on Sunday, March 4th, 2012

tdrome-guest-speakerLast month, comic book artist Robert Atkins held a custom contest for figures based on his design for IDW‘s version of Cobra Commander. This was the first time the artist behind a design concept has reached out to the G.I. Joe customizing community for a contest like this. 9 people submitted customs, myself included, based on the design and he held a poll on his blog.

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