G.I. Joe Micro Force Checklist and Guide

Mini-figures seem to be the big thing in the last 2–3 years, or at least picking up in popularity at least. Hasbro jumped in and started off doing some Star Wars and Marvel Universe mini-figs and have now transitioned to doing G.I. Joe ones. These latest mini-figs are called G.I. Joe Micro Force and come in 5-figure starter packs and 2-figure blind packs. The starter sets are priced at $4.99 and the blind packs are $3.99. To get things started, obviously the starter packs are your best bet, but you probably won’t get all the figures that way. So you will eventually have to purchase the blind packs too.

gijoe-micro-force-starter-set-front gijoe-micro-force-starter-set-back gijoe-micro-force-blind-pack-front gijoe-micro-force-blind-pack-back

Unlike the G.I. Joe Kre-O Single Blind Packs, the G.I. Joe Micro Force have no identifying ID numbers on them. So they truly are “blind packs” with no way to identify what you are buying. I would suggest setting up some trade options in a forum to trade with other collectors.

NOTE: Each Micro Force mini-figure comes with a stand (which is also used in a game for the figures), these stands also work the with the larger G.I. Joe 3 3/4″ figures too.


G.I. Joe Micro Force Series 1:

  • S1-01 Snake Eyes (1985)
  • S1-02 Roadblock V1
  • S1-03 Duke
  • S1-04 Low-Light
  • S1-05 Beast Ninja Solder
  • S1-06 Ghost Ninja Henchmen V1
  • S1-07 Storm Shadow
  • S1-08 Cobra commander
  • S1-09 Snake Eyes (1989)
  • S1-10 Roadblock V2
  • S1-11 Leatherneck
  • S1-12 Shockblast
  • S1-13 Snake Master
  • S1-14 Ghost Ninja Henchmen V2
  • S1-15 Red Ninja V1
  • S1-16 Destro
  • S1-17 Snake Eyes (1982/83)
  • S1-18 Flint
  • S1-19 Grunt
  • S1-20 Tankblast (aka Zap)
  • S1-21 Gold Ninja Assassin
  • S1-22 Ghost Blade-Oni
  • S1-23 Red Ninja V2
  • S1-24 Cobra Trooper Big Blaster
  • S1-25 Snake Eyes (1985) V2
  • S1-26 Lady Jaye
  • S1-27 Hit ‘N Run
  • S1-28 Barbecue
  • S1-29 Beast Ninja Commander
  • S1-30 Thunder Ninja
  • S1-31 Arashikage Samurai
  • S1-32 Cobra Troooper Spin ‘n Smash
  • S1-33 Timber The Wolf
  • S1-34 Beachhead
  • S1-35 Steel Brigade
  • S1-36 Lt. Stone
  • S1-37 Nightclaw The Panther
  • S1-38 Dark Ninja Master
  • S1-39 Dark Ninja Brawler
  • S1-40 Cobra Infantry Viper
  • S1-41 Joe Colton
  • S1-42 Zartan
  • S1-43 Cobra Commander Z (Zombie CC)
  • Keith

    There are identifying numbers on the packs. I bought one pack and noticed the bottom of the bases have numbers on them. After scouring the pack for an imprint, I found the matching code embedded after the Hasbro Canada mailing address in the bottom left of the back. The pack I got was Cobra Commander Z and Steel Brigade. The code was 23241. The imprint is very similar to what Mega Bloks does with their codes. Very hard to see, but it’s there.

    • kaiawesome

      I just looked mine has it too. Thanks!

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